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Chin augmentation is a procedure that improves the total facial balance of an individual with a receding chin. Visually, a poorly defined chin can make the nose and upper teeth look more prominent. The jaw and neckline often appears weak and undefined. A candidate may also have lost chin definition due to the natural aging process. Asymmetry of the jaw or irregularity caused by congenital or traumatic defects may also be corrected with a chin implant restoring facial symmetry.

During consultation with Dr. Hand, the chin projection and width will be evaluated in relationship to the rest of the facial features. Chin augmentation may provide more projection, fullness or both. The implant is composed of a safe, non-reactive silastic material that promotes attachment to the surrounding soft tissue. A variety of sizes and shapes are available to suit the individual need of the patient. Dr. Hand will make a recommendation of an implant size and projection based on the achievement of facial balance.

Procedure Description

Dr. Hand performs chin augmentation at our accredited Marin County outpatient surgical facility. This procedure may be done under local anesthesia or general anesthesia. Most often if combined with other procedures, general anesthesia is recommended.

During the procedure, a small incision will be made just under the chin or inside the mouth, in front of the lower teeth. A pocket is created over the bone to contain the implant. Most often, several sizers will be evaluated to determine the appropriate projection and width. A permanent implant will then be inserted, secured with sutures and the incision closed. After 2 weeks, the implant will be immoveable. If the incision is made inside the mouth, no scar is apparent. If the incision site is under the chin, it almost always becomes quickly imperceptible. The chin implant procedure is usually completed in 1 hour.

Recuperation and Healing

A dressing will be placed over the incision site immediately after surgery. A soft diet is advised for the following 2 days, otherwise the patient may return to all work and leisure activities with careful consideration to avoid activities that may dislodge the implant for 2 weeks. Discomfort is usually minimal and easily controlled with oral pain medications.

Other Options

In addition to chin augmentation, Dr. Hand may suggest other facial rejuvenation procedures including facelift, eyelid lift, rhinoplasty, liposuction of the neck or cheek augmentation.