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Dr. Hand is recognized as a highly skilled and premier specialist in breast augmentation and breast restoration. Dr. Hand understands that the decision to enhance the breast size is a very personal one that can result in an improved body image. During consultation, you will be presented a detailed, informed presentation of all aspects of the breast augmentation procedure that is tailored to you individually. Techniques, surgical approaches and recommendations of appropriate breast implants, as well as what you can expect before and after surgery will be covered in detail.

Candidates for breast augmentation may have small breasts due to lack of development or a congenital abnormality in which one breast is larger than the other. A woman may seek to restore the size and shape of her breasts which have been lost due to pregnancy, weight loss or aging changes or choose to enlarge the breasts simply due to the desire to enhance her appearance in and out of clothing.

Procedure Description

Breast augmentation is performed by Dr. Hand in our accredited Marin County outpatient surgical facility under general anesthesia. The procedure is done through a small incision that is placed in either the armpit or around the areola. The implants are inserted either completely or partially behind the pectoral muscle and breast tissue or in front or the muscle but behind the breast tissue. Implant placement is determined by Dr. Hand based on breast and chest wall size and shape, and your desired result. Our office utilizes both saline and silicone implants. Silicone implants generally produce the most aesthetically pleasing result and the most natural feel and appearance of the breast.

Recuperation and Healing

Breast Augmentation Actual PatientImmediately after breast augmentation surgery, dressings are applied to the incision sites and a compression bandage is wrapped around the chest. The dressing is to be left undisturbed until the 1st postoperative visit with Dr. Hand the following day. On the 1st and 4th postoperative days, Dr. Hand will do a postoperative exam of your breasts and answer any concerns or questions you may have. At the 1st visit, another compressive garment will be applied by Dr. Hand that is to be worn day and night for 3 days to 2 weeks after surgery, depending on the position of the implants. On the 4th postoperative day, an exercise regime designed to move the implant in the newly created pocket will be instituted. The purpose of these exercises is to keep the pocket surrounding the implant intact, allowing for natural movement of the implant. Swelling will begin to subside after 1 week and after 3 weeks the breasts are close to the size they will remain.

Initial discomfort is easily controlled by oral medications. Activities requiring raising the arm above the level of the upper chest should be avoided for 10 days after surgery. Usually modified work and driving may be resumed in 3 to 4 days. A regular exercise regime may begin in 2 weeks.

Breast Augmentation Actual Patient Before & After

Alternative Options

Breast augmentation is frequently accompanied by mastopexy (breast lift) when the natural breast has experienced a large amount of sag due to pregnancy, lac, weight loss or aging changes. Liposuction of the torso or legs can often be combined with breast augmentation to redefine areas with exercise resistant fat accumulations. Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) may be an option to remove extra abdominal skin and to redefine abdominal musculature.