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Brachioplasty, commonly referred to as arm lift, is a cosmetic surgery procedure designed to remove excessive skin and fat of the upper arm. The combined effects of extreme weight loss, aging and/or loss of skin elasticity all contribute to redundant skin that does not contract with diet or exercise. The best results are seen in surgical candidates that are at a stable weight and desire refinement of the upper arm contour and excess skin. Most candidates experience skin laxity with poor upper arm definition and issues with feeling self-consciousness in short sleeves or sleeveless tops. The anticipated result should be a more youthful and firm upper arm making greater freedom in clothing choices possible.

Procedure Description

Dr. Hand performs the arm lift procedure in our accredited outpatient surgical facility in Marin County. The procedure is completed in 2-3 hours utilizing general anesthesia. Prior to the procedure, the underside of the arm is carefully marked so as to make the scar inconspicuous. During brachioplasty, excess skin and fat are removed and the skin is redraped over the underlying muscles, trimmed and sutured.

Recuperation and Healing

After brachioplasty, a dressing and compressive garment will be applied and should remain undisturbed until the 1st postoperative visit the day following the procedure. The purpose of the garment is to offer support to the wound and to reduce bruising and postoperative swelling. It is usually worn for about 3 weeks. Lifting over 10 pounds should not be attempted for 2 weeks, light lower body exercise may resume at 2 weeks. Heavy weight lifting and organized sports should not be resumed for 6 weeks. A thin scar on the underside of the arm is visible for up to a year after surgery but should progressively fade.

Other Options

Brachioplasty is often performed with other procedures such as liposuction, mastopexy, breast reduction, lower body lift, inner thigh lift and abdominoplasty.