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Cosmetic surgery requires much more than just technical skills. Our office understands that choosing a surgical procedure and the right doctor to perform it, is not a decision to be taken lightly. Dr. Hand believes that the beauty you already possess should shine through, improved and refreshed. Much of what happens during the entire surgical experience is determined at the first meeting with Dr. Hand and his staff. During your consultation, you will be given careful, individual consideration of your questions and expectations of your desired result.

While meeting with Dr. Hand, he will first discuss the concern that you would like to improve surgically. After examining the areas of anticipated improvement, Dr. Hand will make recommendations regarding the procedure that you and he agree would best address your concerns. All pre and post-surgical issues will be discussed, a careful evaluation of your health status made and an estimate of all costs you may expect for your procedure and immediate follow-up care will be given. By the end of your first meeting, you should feel completely comfortable with your decision to choose our office for consultation and possibly surgery. Dr. Hand and our staff realize that the decision to consult and then adequately prepare for surgery is important. Follow-up consultations are encouraged to assist you in the decision making process at no additional charge. Thorough understanding and planning for your procedure almost always soothes apprehension and assists in a positive surgical experience.

Your consultation with Dr. Hand will be scheduled for approximately an hour. He will meet with you directly until all of your questions are resolved and the best plan of action is understood. Cheri and Lisa, our patient coordinators, will be happy to assist you with financing needs or surgical scheduling questions.

Our office understands that the confidential, personal attention that each of our patients is given is essential in the healing process. From the consultation to your surgical recovery, you will be treated with respect, compassion and encouragement.