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The Marin County Facelift Cunundrum

Posted October 03, 2010

The facelift procedure by any name is designed to rejuvenate your facial appearance. The problem with your facial appearance may be skin, muscle and/or neck laxity possibly combined with fat excess and/or atrophy. Some patients may need only a skin tightening procedure. Others may need a procedure that tightens both skin and muscle or possibly the neck bands. Of these, some may need an extremely limited procedure and some may need an extensive procedure to achieve maximum benefit. The skin itself may need to be resurfaced to correct aging changes. The facial skeletal structure may need to be supplemented with fat or a dermal filler, or perhaps a chin or cheek implant. The bottom line… multifactorial facial aging changes means one procedure does not serve all needs.

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Breast Lift Or Breast Augmentation, Maybe Both!

Posted July 02, 2010

What is the best choice of procedures for the woman that has sagging breasts and would like to restore or add some volume to the breast? A breast lift (mastopexy) or a breast augmentation. Maybe both!

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Plastic Surgery Taxation Discussed By Terry L. Hand, MD

Posted September 01, 2009

This sort of plastic surgery taxation has been tried in several states unsuccessfully already. Currently only New Jersey still has a tax on cosmetic surgery and even the legislator that wrote the original bill has recommended canceling it. Why you ask? The amount collected by the state of New Jersey was 75% off the targeted amount. Patients were crossing into nearby states to take advantage of nontaxable procedures. The question of defining what was or was not a cosmetic surgery procedure became blurry. Several examples of that are: the woman that had a breast reconstruction requiring breast implants and required revisions, the massive weight loss patient that required a tummy tuck to remove a large abdominal pannice so that she could go on with a normal life and seek employment or the elderly patient with an upper eyelid fold that partially obscurred vision. I would guess that most of us have dealt with an insurance company that has ruled a medical procedure unnecessary. Imagine the same group of uninformed individuals deciding on taxation.

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Some Thoughts About Healthcare Reform

Posted August 26, 2009

Doctors as a group are a hardworking and ethical group, following a standard practice of conservative care first and surgically intervening only when a non-surgical course does not or cannot solve a problem. Sometimes, a patient is in eminent danger or the problem cannot heal itself without dire consequences. Do I operate on folks that I don’t think need surgery, NO! What great gain is in it for me if I do? When I do a surgery that is insurance related, the visits within the following 90 days after surgery are considered follow-up care, as they should be. There are no additional charges for visits (which can be frequent depending on the surgical issue) , dressing changes, suture removal, etc. I can charge anything I want, but what insurance will pay is the real factor. Most physicians base their charges on standard billing amounts for the appropriate descriptive codes. Medicare sets the trend for physician reimbursements and the health insurance companies follow. How many of you have gotten the note from your insurance company that a bill is “beyond the reasonable and customary amount”.? I can’t count the number of patients that are amazed at how little I was paid given the level of time and expertise it took to put them back together.

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San Francisco Bay Area Plastic Surgery

Posted February 07, 2009

Welcome to my inaugural blog! For so many years I have had the privilege of treating wonderful patients from all over the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. My challenge has always been keeping up with new and old faces (sorry for the pun!) and making my patients aware of the latest in interesting cosmetic […]

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