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How to Calculate Your Aesthetic Age

Posted March 24, 2017

Although the coveted virtues of wisdom and experience typically come with age, many women prefer not to reveal their age to others. Whether they like it or not, though, their “aesthetic age” is on display for all to see. The neck, chest, eyes, and cheeks are among the first areas of the body to reveal […]

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The Marin County Facelift Cunundrum

Posted October 03, 2010

The facelift procedure by any name is designed to rejuvenate your facial appearance. The problem with your facial appearance may be skin, muscle and/or neck laxity possibly combined with fat excess and/or atrophy. Some patients may need only a skin tightening procedure. Others may need a procedure that tightens both skin and muscle or possibly the neck bands. Of these, some may need an extremely limited procedure and some may need an extensive procedure to achieve maximum benefit. The skin itself may need to be resurfaced to correct aging changes. The facial skeletal structure may need to be supplemented with fat or a dermal filler, or perhaps a chin or cheek implant. The bottom line… multifactorial facial aging changes means one procedure does not serve all needs.

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Franchise Plastic Surgery – Good or Bad?

Posted March 06, 2009

So today I want to talk about a topic that I find to be very frustrating for both board certified plastic surgeons and patients alike, franchised clinics employing questionably qualified, inexperienced doctors to perform cosmetic surgery . I recently had a consultation at my Marin County practice with a patient in her mid 60’s that […]

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