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How to Calculate Your Aesthetic Age

Posted March 24, 2017

Although the coveted virtues of wisdom and experience typically come with age, many women prefer not to reveal their age to others. Whether they like it or not, though, their “aesthetic age” is on display for all to see. The neck, chest, eyes, and cheeks are among the first areas of the body to reveal […]

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Plastic Surgery Taxation Discussed By Terry L. Hand, MD

Posted September 01, 2009

This sort of plastic surgery taxation has been tried in several states unsuccessfully already. Currently only New Jersey still has a tax on cosmetic surgery and even the legislator that wrote the original bill has recommended canceling it. Why you ask? The amount collected by the state of New Jersey was 75% off the targeted amount. Patients were crossing into nearby states to take advantage of nontaxable procedures. The question of defining what was or was not a cosmetic surgery procedure became blurry. Several examples of that are: the woman that had a breast reconstruction requiring breast implants and required revisions, the massive weight loss patient that required a tummy tuck to remove a large abdominal pannice so that she could go on with a normal life and seek employment or the elderly patient with an upper eyelid fold that partially obscurred vision. I would guess that most of us have dealt with an insurance company that has ruled a medical procedure unnecessary. Imagine the same group of uninformed individuals deciding on taxation.

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