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Posted May 12, 2020 in Male Facial Contours

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man with great facial features after plastic surgery

When you think of plastic surgery, you may not immediately think of men, but that’s beginning to change. Facial augmentation and rejuvenation procedures are highly effective for improving male facial contours and restoring a youthful appearance, and in recent years, more men are considering cosmetic adjustment.

Plastic surgery can be customized to complement male or female features. If you are a man looking to improve your facial contours, you can feel assured that the procedure you choose will be tailored to highlight your masculine contours.

Sculpt the Jawline With Chin Augmentation

A chiseled and angular jawline and chin have always been a cornerstone of male facial beauty.

Chin augmentation (mentoplasty) helps to enhance the projection and the contours of the chin using facial implants. Implants are made out of a safe, nonreactive material that encourages grafting to the surrounding soft tissues.

Chin implants add projection to the chin, calling more attention to a prominent jaw and neckline. Creating angles along the lower portion of the face can improve masculine facial contours and improve symmetry.

You can choose from a variety of shapes and sizes for your implants to customize your look. Dr. Hand will advise you on which implant size and projection will work best for you.

Erase the Years With a Facelift

With many middle-aged men trying to stay competitive in the workforce and dating scene, facelift surgery is becoming more popular for men.

Facelift surgery has the ability to significantly correct signs of aging for long-lasting results. A male facelift works by removing excess sagging skin, tightening the underlying tissues, and repositioning the underlying muscles to reach a contour more akin to what men had in their youths.

A facelift restores the definition of masculine angles by correcting jowls and enhancing cheek contours.

Test the Waters With Dermal Fillers

Many men out there are curious about cosmetic enhancement but are still not sold on the idea of surgery. Men who fall under this category may benefit from dermal fillers, allowing them to “try out” facelift-like results without a long-term commitment.

There are variations of dermal fillers that add volume and lift to target areas. When injected into the upper cheek, dermal filler can add angular definition to the cheekbones, which will emulate a strong, chiseled bone structure. Dermal fillers can also be used to augment the jawline and chin to give it a more squared-off shape. By adding subtle definition to target areas of the face, masculine angles can be highlighted.

Any of these procedures can be customized to help you to get the results that you desire. During your consultation with your surgeon, be sure to share all of your goals and concerns so that they can determine your candidacy and advise you on which procedure or combination of procedures would be best for you.

Want to Learn More?

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